All you need to know about Water Safety

Water safety is an important and fundamental concern that includes handling of water reservoirs in ways that prevent poisoning of human, animals and plants.

Contaminants by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae or fungi and their metabolites pose a great risk to drinking-water, lakes etc. and are a cause for public concern.

The drinking-water of hundreds of millions of people can be dangerously contaminated or chemically polluted through absent, inadequate, or inappropriately managed urban, industrial and agricultural wastewater and sanitation services, exposing the population to to preventable health risks..

The necessity to determine pathogenic organisms and their toxins serves as a fundamental requirement to guarantee the safety and quality of water supplies. Detection methods with enhanced sensitivity and rapid results are a prerequisite to achieving efficient tests. Several analytical techniques are used in water safety testing.

Fermentek supports customers globally with a growing range of algae-derived natural toxins which may occur in water reservoirs. Our water safety testing materials can be used for determination of algae-derived toxins, such as Microcystin LR, Microcystin RR, Microcystin WR and [D-Asp3] Microcystin LR. Microcystins are cyanotoxins produced by several genera of cyanobacteria and may be mostly toxic to the liver and to the nervous system. The uptake of algae-derived toxins into tissues is available through drinking, diet and/or direct contact.

Fermentek's Water Safety Products

Fermentek offers various Water Safety related products that can be used as standard reference material during validation and for research purposes. Some of the Water Safety related products available from the company are: D-Asp3[microcystin LR], Standard solution of Asp3[microcystin LR], Microcystin LR, Standard solution of Microcystin LR,  Microcystin RR, Standard solution of Microcystin RR, Microcystin WR, Standard solution of Microcystin WR and Nodularin. These toxins are produced as an exceptionally pure solution or as a solid crystalline substance.