Our Facilities

Quality products result from quality people...and we have them. Equally important is an excellent work environment. At Fermentek, we use professional, high-quality equipment subject to strict routine controls and maintenance to ensure its continued integrity and reliability. 

But we are never satisfied with “good”. 

We are constantly striving for ever-higher standards and quality. Accordingly, our production facilities are frequently updated and enhanced with more advanced equipment, allowing our team to work with state-of-the-art systems, ensuring continually improving production rates and consistently high product quality.


Our facility includes fermenters in various sizes, ranging from a 15-liter fermenter to a 1,500-liter unit, in addition to a 24,000-liter fermenter available to us for outsourcing as required. We also have filtration, extraction and evaporation systems that match the volumes produced in the various fermenters.


The facility includes laboratories and a team of skilled professional chemists. The team has advanced cleaning and testing equipment for separation, filtration and evaporation at its disposal, enabling it to reach a purification level of > 99%.

Quality Control

This laboratory includes high-quality TLC, HPLC (ELSD) and MP test equipment operated by a team uncompromisingly dedicated to quality. When necessary we use external laboratories to perform NMR, MS and other tests.