Our History

Fermentek was established by Dr. Yosef Behrend, with a great deal of ambition...and faith. The company was founded in 1994, working out of small, rented space with two employees! The early days were tough, but with G-d’s help, the company enlarged its product range relatively quickly. By 1996 with five employees the company moved to larger premises with more sophisticated equipment.

The rapid success continued and after six years it became necessary to find larger premises, for more employees and more equipment. In 2003 Fermentek moved to a large facility where it is still located today. In parallel the production and purification departments developed and recruited more and more staff. Over the years the company has also increased its production capabilities through fermenters of 100, 300, 1,500, and 24,000 liters and compatible filtration, extraction, evaporation, and purification systems.

The development of the company, with G-ds help, has reached a point where the current facility and systems are nearing their maximum capacity. We are in the midst of a program to build a new larger, more spacious and advanced facility. This facility is planned for advanced equipment that will be used to continue our growth and to add capabilities in the coming years.