Our Market

Our products are only intended for use by qualified people: for research, analytical testing and manufacturing. They are not intended, under any circumstances, for use in any human or veterinary care.

Fermentek addresses several market sectors:

  • Basic biological research organizations that consume sub-gram amounts of bioactive compounds.
  • Food-safety related organizations requiring multi-milligram quantities of highly purified and well characterized toxic substances.
  • Applied pharmaceutical R&D organizations which develop new drugs for pre-clinical studies and require manufacturing of between multi-gram and kilogram amounts.
  • Other industrial organizations which prefer defining their own quality needs.

Fermentek's products are directly marketed and sold in bulk or small quantities to leading biochemical companies for sale via their catalogues. We also supply our end-users, such as food safety laboratories, manufactures of mycotoxin diagnostic kits, life science labs in academic and research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. Several biopharmaceutical companies have selected Fermentek as their supplier of specific biopharmaceuticals for their R&D pipeline.