Our products

Fermentek is a global leader in the biotechnology field with more than 25 years of experience. The company focuses on the development and manufacture of biologically active products isolated from nonpathogenic microorganisms (Actinomycetes, Nocardia and Streptomycetes), Fungi (Penicillium, Aspergillus, Fusarium) and plant extraction. Fermentek is skilled in the production of customized, mg to multi-gram quantities, high quality and high purity compounds for research purposes at an affordable price and delivered to the customer in a short time-frame.

Fermentek's wide variety of small molecule biochemicals include: Mycotoxins, antibiotics, algae-derived compounds (Microcystins), plant-derived compounds and other bio-products.

Our products are offered in two main categories:

  • A variety of crystalline highly purified fine chemicals used for biological, medical and pharmaceutical purposes.
  • Highly purified Mycotoxins and Microcystins standards for food and water safety analytical tests and for R&D use. These standards are offered as calibrated ready-for-immediate-use solutions.

Each product is accompanied with a relevant Certificate of Assurance (CoA) and specifications are confirmed using various chemical methods.

Fermentek is qualified to ISO 9001. Quality assurance is regularly updated to the state-of-the-art requirements.  

Fermentek is NOT a GMP certified company. However, in cases when the compounds are intended to be used only as starting materials for further chemical modification by the clients, Fermentek can prepare documentation such as CTD (Common Technical Document). Fermentek is also experienced and will agree, within a reasonable requirement, to modify its specifications and working procedures to meet the demands of a specific customer enable reaching FDA requirements. Site audits of Fermentek can be conducted by the client, and client representatives are invited to be present on the premises during the manufacturing cycle.