Standard Solutions as reference materials

Fermentek is a global leader in the production of certified Mycotoxin and Microcystin reference materials for food and water safety labs, and for R&D.

Mycotoxins are toxic fungal metabolites that appear in food and animal feed as a result of fungal infection of crops such as cereals, dried fruit and many other agricultural products. Mycotoxins entering the food chain are harmful to both animal and human health and are among the most potent natural carcinogens known. They are a well-known cause of illness and death, targeting the kidneys, liver and immune system. and. The presence of Mycotoxins is unavoidable; therefore, testing of raw materials and final products is vital to keep our food and animal feed safe. Accurate analysis of Mycotoxins depends upon the use of certified Mycotoxin standard reference materials that are used for calibration and validation of food safety analytical instruments and methods.

Microcystins, on the other hand, are toxic cyanobacteria derived metabolites that appear in fresh, and especially in stagnant waters. Besides water, cyanobacteria can accumulate in food chains through the process of eutrophication (oversupply of nutrients), thus posing a potential threat to human and animal health. Climate change and changing environmental conditions lead to harmful algae growth. They may negatively impact human health and become a global public health and ecological issue.

Accurate analysis of Microcystins depends upon the use of certified Microcystins standard reference materials that are used for calibration and validation of water  safety analytical instruments and methods.

Fermentek offers reference materials in either crystalline or liquid form as standard solutions. High quality standards, calibrants, and reference materials are a prerequisite for valid results in any analysis.

standard solution has an accurately known compound concentration. Fermentek’s readily available standard solutions are of high quality and constitute the liquid portion of the reference materials. They are flawlessly made up of exact concentrations in organic solvents and have been prepared from the primary standards of specifically high purity.

Our standard solutions are useful for the determination of mycotoxins and microcystin found in most samples of food (Aflatoxins), feed commodities (Fumonisins) or water (Microcystins). Since the standards are important for parallel and simultaneous detection of multiple mycotoxin analytes in food samples, Fermentek offers composites of Mycotoxins standards as well.

Standard solutions are offered in various volumes and are packaged in amber glass ampoules fitted with Teflon-faced butyl septa and aluminum seals to ensure the solution’s full purity and stability. They are a top choice for customers who need to achieve seamless and efficient determination procedures while saving time. Each prepared standard solution is accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

Ready-to-use Standard Solutions are great time savers, reduce hazardous handling of toxins and enable more precise and accurate determination of the presence of Mycotoxin or Microcystins tested samples. These solutions are ideal for customers who strive to ensure accurate HPLC Mycotoxin or Microcystin determination with minimal preparation and effort.

For the full list of Standard solutions we are offering, please visit Fermentek's Standard solutions.